Saturday, April 5, 2014


The great nights are always the unexpected ones.
Thursday night turned into Saturday morning waking up in a room full of a couple of friends scattered in various cozy places sleeping peacefully after a long 30 hours of non stop fun.
I went to the bar after work for one beer - and then it's two days later.... #heywehavefun

My detox tea is steeping and there is KD on the stove - perfect pre-nap snack and then off to work and the real world this evening.


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

ooo look something shiny

My hair smells like the salon. Its light and fluffy and is blow dried in a way that I will never be able to replicate - but I LOVEEEEEE my new haircut.

Instead of packing and moving like I was supposed to do today I joined some friends for a coupla beers in Creekside. Sorrynotsorry. So, tomorrow is the new moving day.

I also start at the Fire Rock tomorrow. I'm kind of nervous... but more excited. New job will shake my life up a bit - maybe keep me out of trouble? aha Yeah right. But seriously, new job. That's exciting.

I always get these urges to write when it's nighttime.. It's the time that I can feel my eyes getting heavy but my brain doesn't quite want to shut off yet. Ideas roll through and I kind of wish I had one of those people that are in court... you know the ones that type everything that's said right when someone says it? What is that person called?

Hang on....
Stenographer. I googled it.

ANYWAYS. I wish I had one of those for the thoughts that go through my brain around this time before bed. I bet it would be mildly entertaining haha

So this will be my version of what they would likely write (but if they wrote it it would be in that weird, short-hand abbreviation) :

I'm pretty sure in the span of, like, 4 minutes I decided (during these weird thought processes that I have) that I am dependent and I need to learn to not rely on attention so much... but that I am independent and can make it on my own... and then I realize that I like human contact too much and feel like I am too dependent again. Follow me? Is there such a thing as masturbating too much? GAHH I need a man. Speaking of men...  I like to feel pretty but I get uncomfortable with compliments but it doesn't mean that I don't want to get them. Make sense? But on that note - I don't need one to feel pretty but a male would be nice to have around these days (especially at night time haha :P)... I feel like an unhealthy whale that ate the toxic tar in the ocean by accident when swimming around looking for plankton but I don't feel like running. If I just THINK about working out it'll work the same as ACTUALLY working out, right? Then after that thought I considered getting out of bed and running in the dark - then laughed at myself and snuggled more into the blankets because its after midnight and that would be just silly - also I don't know where my headphones are.... I left my phone charger at F's and my phone is at 5%... Is it weird that I kind of have anxiety that my phone will die and I won't have it until tomorrow when I can charge it? How awful is that dependence? Again with the dependence. I AM INDEPENDENT. Unless you count the attachment I have with my teddy bear.... Okay, who am I kidding - no independence here lol

That's just a brief look at the inside of my brain at midnight on a Tuesday. Is it Wednesday now? I guess so since it's after midnight.
HA. See?

The things that I think about... Is this normal? Does everyone have such a scattered-ADD-hypocrite mind??

I'm going to go with... YES. Just to make myself feel better about how crazy I seemingly am.

Im hungry. So I'm going to try and close my eyes now and go to sleep so that it will be breakfast time.
Goodnight you crazy world.
(Yes, Pot calling Kettle black)

Flight Facilities ... Just enjoy it.

Check out this blog post - Tomorrow I think I will investigate the rest of this blog... she seems interesting.
BUT, this post is awesome. Sickk beats.

I like to dance, do you?

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Joke's on youuuuuu

April first.

It is supposed to be a day of practical jokes and "GOTCHA"'s.
However, for me it will be a day of real, honest-to-goodness changes.

I am snuggled up in my new, one-of-a-kind, cozy Kaleidoscope Kids sweater with a Top Knot on the crown of my head (the last time this will happen for awhile - part of the changes!!) and I am pretty freeeeaaaaking content with life. 

I'm broke - typical for WHISLIFE. I will be homeless again as of May first - I can always come back to Pemberton though, so at least theres that. But life is wonderful. 

Chopping my hair off tomorrow at noon. New job on Wednesday. Moving tomorrow. Health kick will also start tomorrow (maybe.. but for real... bikini season is coming....). 

None of this is in sentences. It's not even in real sequential order.. but HEY thats OKAY. 

Im pregnant. 

Good night. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Right at this exact moment - who am I?

I have a new found obsession with sushi.
The first run of the Spring season is done and done. Another one tomorrow to try and start a routine.
By Thursday I will be officially signed up for my first FULL MARATHON. I'll check back in when I actually register. We all know how much of a procrastinator I am...
I like to party.
My heart is still on my sleeve - as per usual. I can't help that I love, love.
My hair and I have a hate/love relationship. To chop or not to chop.
I like red wine and laughing.
I like to be touched - in both sexual and friendly ways.. its the affection that I crave.
Smiling is my favorite.
Im being a little bit selfish these days. Sometimes you need to be about YOU. You know?
A solid book could take days from my life and I wouldn't call it time wasted.
Good music gets me moving.
I like to have faith : faith in people, intentions, the future and myself.
Optimism is key - things happen for a reason.
My energy is always high - and can only be enhanced.
Sometimes I need a reminder to breathe.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Crave you

Winding down after work is always necessary. Tonight, instead of watching endless episodes of Weeds, I am listening to relaxing tunes and I am going to toss a blog post out into the world.

Last week I ordered these really nifty magnets off of a website that  uses your Instagram photos. They turned out and are sooooo cute! They arrived today. :) 

Wednesday I trekked down to the city with some friends and we went to this Drum and Bass techno show. Was it ever COOL. The vibrations came right up through the floor and I could feel the beats from my toes to my head. I partied, but I used limits and was responsible and there was no calling mommy crying the next day - proud of myself. 

Today I felt GOOD. First time in a couple of weeks that I have legitimately felt like myself - in all of my crazy, talkative, hyper, happy glory. It was... nice. 

FLIGHT FACILITIES are coming to Van next month and you bet your hot ass I want to attend. That will be a BLAST. 

Making moves next week. Wish me luck

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I guess I use a lot of brackets...

I think back on today and I realize that it was painfully boring for almost anyone else to have to read about. But the amount of calm that was around me was epic. 

I did : Laundry (you're right to assume that it's not all put away yet - very typical), I baked cookies (chocolate chip - why stray from what I do best?), I organized things into baskets and I made myself dinner (ooo exciting - I made falafels for the first time ever). 

On top of that I watched an ENTIRE season of Weeds. There isn't even a shred of exaggeration in the previous statement. That is thirteen episodes. I get a little solace in the fact that each episode is only 26 minutes long.....

I used a new shampoo tonight when I had a shower before bed. Does anyone else agree with me that there aren't many feelings that top the one of crawling into a made-bed, post hot hot hot shower? My hair smells sweet.. kind of like coconuts. My body is soft from my trademark body wash (Aveeno - the dark green one).. 

Sometimes I wish I could use brackets in real life... you know, like during conversation. Just so that when I speak without thinking I can explain my thought process. 


Tuesday, March 18, 2014


In reference to my last post - Im pretty sure I have regained normalcy in regards to my control issues.
I hit a wall.. not literally.. but it sure felt like it. I don't remember the last time I cried for my mommy.. but last week I sure needed her and she was right on the other end of the telephone wire to soothe me.

Moving on....

Just wanted to put a happy note up after the intensity of the last one.

Smile, kids.